08/02/2021/ María F. Navarro Poupard (Mafer) successfully defended her PhD work. Congratulations to the new PhD, and lab manager of our group!

Mafer doctora

15/01/2021/ REAP (H2020-ICT-2020-2): new strategy in cancer treatment. kick-off meetings were held online (13 & 14/01/2021). See related local news at GCiencia, USC and El Correo Gallego y La Voz de Galicia.


15/10/2020/ SWIMMOT (H2020 FET-Open #899612) kick-off meetings were held online (15 & 16/10/2020). See related local news at elcorreogallego (Beatriz), GCiencia, USC and CiQUS.

07/10/2020/ Group photos. From left-to-right: Martina, Mafer, Manuela, Pablo, Beatriz, Ester, Marta, Antía, Tania, Enrica and Aitor.



3/09/2020/ Beatriz has been awarded an ERC Starting grant 2020 (SPACING : SPAtially-Controlled lIgand arraNGement by origami-based nanoprinters). Congratulations and well-deserved!!! Exciting times ahead …


6/07/2020/ Ester has been awarded a RyC 2019 contract (CHEM panel). Congratulations and well-deserved!!!


7/06/2018/ Group photo with visiting students: Änais & Eve from the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Mulhouse (France); Enrica from the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy). From left-to-right: Ester, Caro, Eve, María, Clara, Laura, Änais, Enrica, Manuel, Raquel, Pablo and Bea.


29/05/2018/ CONGRATULATIONS to Beatriz. She has been recently awarded a “Ramón y Cajal-2017”  contract (ranked 3rd in the panel CHEM). Well done and deserved!!!

15/08/17/ What a week! Today “El Mundo” is presented the awarded project of Pablo.

12/08/17/ “El correo Gallego” is also talking about Pablo´s work.

07/08/17/ Today “El Pais” is talking about Pablo´s work awarded by the BBVA Foundation.

24/07/17/ BioNanoTools´group enjoying a barbecue day to celebrate the summer visit of Vicky, and the long visits of Vida, Mozhgan and Alex! It was great having you all!


20/07/17/ Today “La Opinión A coruña” is talking about Pablo´s work awarded by the BBVA Foundation. Also, this success was highlighted in the ” Faro de Vigo“.


30-06-17/ Pablo has been awarded a Leonardo fellowship from the BBVA Foundation. Congratulations!


28-06-17/ Ester has been awarded a Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación 2016 fellowship! Congratulations!!

26-06-17/ Victoria García Giner from the University of Valencia was awarded one of the CiQUS-SUMMER fellowships and she has joined us today to be part of the daily work in our work during 5 weeks. Welcome!

27-04-2017 to 28-04-2017/ We hosted at CiQUS the bioMAPP17 – Workshop on Biomaterials and Applications”. Pablo is part of the organizing committee!


10-02-2017/ Ester Polo presented her work “Biological identity of nanomaterials: structural characterization at the bio‐nano interface”


10-03-2017/ Patricia Horcajada was visiting us to present her amazing research in her lecture “Engineered- surface Metal-Organic frameworks nanoparticles for drug delivery


25-11-2016/ Lecture of Wolfgang Parak at CiQUS presenting inspiring insights about “Interaction of colloids with cells (in vitro and in vivo)