We are lucky to have such a numerous, top-level collaborators from around the world. We actually believe that the “secret” to achieving cutting-edge scientific results is to have the best collaborators (at least in our research field). Besides exciting, ongoing collaborations with other groups at the CIQUS (Mascareñas, Rivadulla, Montenegro, Fernández-Megía, Vázquez …), in the following list we have selected some of the groups with which we have strong, ongoing collaborations:

The Colloids and Polymers Physics Group (GFCP) group at USC (gfCP lab): Pablo Taboada, Silvia Barbosa and the rest of the team are indeed our most valuable collaborators. We share aims, goals and dreams, as well as infraestructure and human resources. Our laboratory is indeed part of the gfCP group.

Clinical Neurosciences Research Laboratory (LINC Lab): José Castillo, Francisco Campos, Tomás Sobrino, and the rest of the team are our most valuable collaborators regarding NP-living systems studies.

Biophotonics at CENTER FOR HYBRID NANOSTRUCTURES (CHyN), University of Hamburg: Wolfgang Parak has been our (Beatriz and Pablo) supervisor, mentor and friend for many years. We have several ongoing collaborations concerning synthesis of NPs and multifunctional capsules for drug-release.

Advanced Porous Materials Unit, IMDEA Energy: Patricia Horcajada and her team. We are working together on NP-MOF composites.